Caliber boasts record-high production in October

by MPA27 Nov 2019

Caliber Home Loans, Inc. announced that it originated $7.85 billion in October, a record for total one-month production and across nearly all production channels. In addition to record production, Caliber was the fastest growing mortgage company in the United States among the top 30 lenders between the second and third quarters of 2019, growing more than 70% in production as measured by Inside Mortgage Finance.

“Our record production and strong growth are a testament to the Caliber team members’ hard work and dedication, particularly in production and operations areas," said Sanjiv Das, CEO of Caliber. “I'm so proud of our employees’ relentless focus on helping consumers purchase the homes of their dreams and ultimately progress toward owning those homes faster. Looking ahead, we remain committed to maintaining our customer-centric culture and strengthening our leadership position.”

“At Caliber, we believe we’re unique in that we deliver the right programs for our consumers through a variety of Production channels and we service the majority of those loans. While we are excited to deliver record results, this is the only beginning, and we are confident we will continue to build on this momentum,” commented Russ Smith, Caliber EVP of National Production.

Caliber offers one of the most extensive arrays of products and programs among any lender, helping consumers at all stages of home ownership by offering unique solutions that meet the individual needs of consumers. Caliber Home Loans are available nationally through retail loan offices, mortgage brokers and directly to consumers on