Blend integrates Factual Data's credit-reporting capabilities

by Candyd Mendoza04 Nov 2019

Mortgage services provider Factual Data has integrated its credit-reporting capabilities with Blend's digital lending technology.

With the integration, lenders using Blend's mortgage application platform can access Factual Data credit-reporting services as part of the mortgage process.

“Both consumers and lenders are looking for reliable credit data as part of the mortgage process,” said Factual Data President Jay Giesen. “This integration helps to improve efficiencies, lower risk, and give modern borrowers the kind of experience they are looking for.”

Brian Martin, head of business development at Blend, said that the integration of trusted credit data into the company's platform is critical in meeting consumers' expectations.

“Blend collaborates closely with banks and other lenders to give consumers a more intuitive, faster, and safer way to apply for a loan or mortgage,” Martin said. “The integration with Factual Data provides an additional solution that simplifies and streamlines the process for both lenders and consumers.”