• A Second Look for Subprime Mortgage-Backed Securities by

    The subprime mortgage meltdown left a bad taste for many investors who could not get rid of their toxic securities before 2008.

  • Is the Real Estate Market Set To Boom, Not Just Rebound? by

    With Q3 reports fully disclosed and scrutinized, prominent analysts have come forward with optimistic predictions about the U.S. housing market. Despite the dangers of the fiscal cliff, it seems that the housing market is set to turn the corner. Numerous economic factors, including Federal Reserve policy, a declining rate of mortgage default, and a jump in home purchases, all point towards increasing health in the broader market. However, what if we’re poised to see a boom, and not merely a simmer?

  • How To Paper Trail Money For Use In A Mortgage Transaction by

    As a mortgage company, we see it all the time, cash funds being used in a purchase mortgage or on a refinance mortgage.


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