• The Loan ‘Shopper’ from Hell by

    In the lending business, there is a term called a “shopper” to describe a person who is calling every lender in town to find the best deal on a loan. Experienced lenders can usually spot a ‘shopper’ a mile away, while more inexperienced lenders are easy prey. Many times a ‘shopper’ will pretend that the lender is their only lender, while he or she is working with half a dozen lenders at the same time.

  • DeMarco Pushes Housing Finance Reform as Fannie Profits Soar by

    (Bloomberg News) - Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac, the two government-seized mortgage financiers, appear increasingly likely to pay billions of dollars to the U.S. Treasury, focusing attention in Washington on what should replace them.

  • Hedge Funds are Fueling Foreclosure Inflation by

    Though hedge fund purchases on a national level have had minimal impact, in the nation’s hottest foreclosure markets hedge funds, or institutional investors, are contributing to double digit foreclosure price increases and dramatic declines in REO inventories.

  • What to Know About Being #1: The key to a successful partnership with Craig Proctor & Eric Mitchell by

    Craig Proctor and Eric Mitchell have forged a synergistic relationship. In fact, their relationship is a mirror reflection of the business philosophy that has made them extremely successful. It is a relationship, partnership, and friendship – however you term it – which is at the heart of every successful sale. The foundation of such a relationship is not simply reciprocity in how they serve each other, but most importantly, how they provide tremendous value to their clients.

  • Experts See Home Values Busting the Bubble by

    A nationwide panel of 118 economists, real estate experts and investment and market professionals expects home values to end 2013 up an average of 4.6 percent and rise cumulatively by 22 percent, on average, over the next five years, according to the first quarter Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey.

  • DC Housing Market Surges Back by

    While it’s clear that America’s urban housing markets have been making an exceptionally strong recovery thus far in 2013, it’s clear that certain metros are rebounding with notable speed. The overwhelming amount of these urban markets is distinguished by either a high population of 30-something professionals, or by a stalwart job market. These two quantifiers are both highly pronounced in the Washington, DC metro area, and as a consequence the city’s residential property is showing marked value growth.


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