Noble Capital Group launches new program for private lenders

by Kimberly Greene13 Feb 2020

Alternative investment financial firm Noble Capital Group has announced the rollout of the Private Lending Network (PLN), a nationwide lending initiative that will finance real estate investment projects and provide support to private lenders looking to grow their businesses in select markets across the country.

The new initiative will support the growth of private lenders by offering business operations tools and marketing strategies, as well as providing loan underwriting and loan servicing. The PLN will also provide numerous loan structures aimed at funding many types of residential real estate investments, from renovations to multi-family and larger community development construction projects, in addition to deploying capital.

“What we’re doing with the Private Lender Network is very different than what the Wall Street banks are doing,” said PLN co-founder and Noble Capital Partner Romney Navarro. “They have done a great job investing in our space, but their focus is only on providing investment capital. The PLN is focused on deploying capital through Noble Capital's Funds and its newly launched REIT. But, more importantly, we're focused on the growth of our lending partners.”

Institutional investors have continued to pump capital into the private lending space, drawn by its stable and predictable alternative to other types of investments. As private lending continues to grow and larger amounts of capital enter the market, there is also a growing need for highly effective processes, systems and business support—enter PLN.

Noble Capital is based in Texas and specializes in private lending, wealth management, and real estate. Streamline Funding was the first lending partner to receive support through PLN.

“During the 18 years we’ve been in the private lending sector, we’ve developed a blueprint for operating a highly profitable private lending firm on Main Street which Streamline Funding has used successfully,” said Noble Capital Founder and CEO Jadon Newman. “Now the Private Lender Network is going to take this proven formula nationwide, to private lenders looking to scale their operations.”

PLN helped its wholly-owned subsidiary, Streamline Funding, scale its annual loan originations to builders and developers in Texas from $82M in 2017 to more than $122M in 2019.

Noble Capital has built an extensive network of private lenders and real estate professionals and is rapidly growing its investment portfolio and its private investment funds. Its platform is known for generating substantial returns with a track record of predictability. Noble Capital was named Private Lender of the Year for 2019 by Think Realty Magazine.