• Commercial and multifamily performing strongly by MPA

    Commercial and multifamily mortgages are improving, with delinquency rates seeing the biggest decline on record last quarter

  • Hard Money Loans Still the Top Choice for Real Estate Investors by

    Private money loans, also called hard money loans or bridge loans, are still the top choice for real estate investors in the wake of the bank meltdown of 2008 and 2009. Many real estate investors have marks on their credit after the real estate crisis and can no longer qualify at the bank. Hard money loans have allowed these investors to get back into the real estate game again and start hitting.

  • What is Bridge Financing and How Does it Benefit Investors? by

    Bridge financing is short-term financing, sometimes referred to as private money or hard money. Bridge loans are typically made by private individuals and not banks, so the interest rates on bridge loans are higher than bank loans.


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