Navigate volatility & improve profitability with mandatory loan sales

Market volatility in 2020 has been tough for many lenders. Instability in the market fueled by economic uncertainty around COVID-19 created rapid mortgage rate changes, capacity issues, and more. These conditions have made loan pipeline management a whirlwind for many.

There has never been a better time to transition from best efforts to mandatory loan sales. Lenders who adopted mandatory loan sales were able to mitigate much of the Q2 2020 volatility risk through a conservative hedge strategy. Lenders also earned more for their loans by managing this risk.

In this free resource from MCT, you will understand how market changes can affect your pull-through rate, learn the risks associated with mandatory loan sales and discover how to use them to optimize your investor set.

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  • Managing risk with pipeline hedging
  • Maximizing loan sale profitability
  • Increasing net profitability with mandatory loan sales


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