Originator guidebook: Close more purchases by leveraging your realtor network

A network of real estate agents can be a goldmine of client referrals for mortgage brokers, especially when it comes to the non-QM market. The problem is, it’s not always easy to get a steady flow of realtor-generated referrals.

To maximize opportunities for growth, mortgage brokers need to have a strategy to build strong, long-term relationships with real estate agents—and with the rise of non-QM borrowers, reliable partnerships with realtors is particularly important.

To better understand the opportunity non-QM borrowers present your business, and the role of realtors in tapping into this growing client pool, download this free guide book. Learn how to educate realtors on the benefits of working with brokerages when they find a non-QM borrower, how to be a standout loan officer, and how to grow non-QM business by leveraging your realtor network. 

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  • Strengthening your relationship with Realtors by closing more loans together
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