Ask the Expert: How to market to military members

by MPA05 Jan 2015
By Dave Hershman
Special to MPA
I really enjoyed your recent VA webinar. Though I have not done a lot of VA lending, I live near a military base and am curious as to how I could market to the servicemen and women there, as well as civilian employees.
Mark from North Carolina
Thanks for listening to the presentation. The best way to reach the base is through your sphere. Since the base is an important part of the local economy, you know people who serve those who are active and employees as well. I don't just mean real estate agents (though they are obviously important)--all vendors from insurance agents to where they shop. You need to let these sphere members know you desire introductions. One of the biggest mistakes we usually make by omission is not telling those around us how they can help us.
Beyond your sphere, there are local advertisers who publish base newsletters and other publications. Consider advertising in these--perhaps jointly with a vendor who is a veteran. There should also be a local housing office and they may let you display materials and/or even give a seminar, again with a veteran who is already serving that sector. And don't forget social networking tools to reach those around the base--for example, Linkedin is a great way to connect with other professionals who may be serving members of the military. 

Dave Hershman
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