Develop a world-class client experience

Develop a world-class client experience

Once you have successfully closed a deal, it’s important to cultivate and build a loyal relationship with your customers. Establishing a relationship with clients after closing is a key step to continued growth and allows you to develop a referral network you can rely on.

Securing positive recommendations from your client base allows you to leverage past success to both repeat business and develop new business.  

But, how can you ensure clients who had a positive experience will give a referral or recommendation in the future?

Download this free whitepaper from Art of Homeownership, a software platform that provides services of value for mortgage professionals to offer their clients. Learn the keys to developing a referral strategy that will grow your business and client base through integrated solutions, a systematized business model and resources to add value for your clients.

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Art of Homeownership
We are a software platform that includes 7 key technologies/services of value that mortgage professionals can offer to their clients and leads. These services are all built to help the mortgage professional provide more value to their clients, and run a better business. The platform comes with a CRM, Lead website, automated drip campaigns, resources for leveraging the platform, other business resources (hiring guidance, scripts, training on developing corporate affinity partnerships), weekly coaching webinars and access to coaching platform MBS highway.

Our pricing is $1499 setup and $899 a month (including all the technology application and membership fees).


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