Jamie Cavanaugh on cultivating success: A lesson in consistency

Amerifund president offers her most impactful business lesson to aspiring professionals

Jamie Cavanaugh on cultivating success: A lesson in consistency

In an industry that can be as tumultuous as it is rewarding, Jamie Cavanaugh (pictured) shared a business lesson —a trait she deemed crucial for success, especially during these troubled times.

“Consistency applies to any role, in any job, in any industry,” said Cavanaugh, president of Amerifund Home Loans and VP of outreach at AIME (Association of Independent Mortgage Experts). “When we consistently repeat behavior that we know will produce the results we desire, it is an inevitability that we will reach our goals.”

Cavanaugh empathized with many who have felt the strain of prolonged market instability, recognizing that despite setbacks, the resilience to “get back up again and keep putting in the work” is what keeps leaders like her going.

“Many people are discouraged. Many people have depleted their savings,” Cavanaugh said in an MPA Talk interview. “They’ve weathered this market cycle, which, as I mentioned, has gone on a lot longer than some predicted. Many people are currently feeling like they’re at the end of their rope, yet every day, I watch some of these people get back up again and cheaply put in the work.

“I absolutely know that when we see relief, those are the people that are still going to be standing in this business. I’m motivated, and my cup is filled by seeing the roaring success of people I’ve been maybe just a small part of helping along their journey.”

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At times, Cavanaugh also found a renewed purpose in the needs she sees around her, propelling her to offer guidance, “sometimes whether they asked for it or not.”

“In markets like this, I think I’m motivated because I look around and see the number of people in need,” she said. “And when I see people in need, that thing comes back into my brain where I can see what they need to do to get through it. And I have this overwhelming urge to help them sometimes, whether they ask for it or not. I’m going to throw it out there, and if it’s helpful to somebody, then all the better.”

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