Exclusive women-only industry event hailed as first of kind

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Exclusive women-only industry event hailed as first of kind

A new event billed as the only one of its kind specifically designed for women of the mortgage industry is taking place in Austin, Texas from October 13-16.

Launched by Paige Hernandez (pictured), senior mortgage loan originator at Heritage MTG Inc., the NOTORIOUS Women in Mortgage event at Hotel Ella is aimed at equipping women with strategies and tools required to bring their business to the next level.

The three-day event will feature insight from keynote speakers Katie Sweeney, chief executive officer and co-founder at Broker Action Coalition and Christine Beckwith, author and high-performance coach, as well as special guests.

Hernandez told Mortgage Professional America that the event came about through a desire to showcase the unique role played by women in the mortgage industry, amplify their voices, and boost their chances of success in an industry that’s often wrongly viewed as a male-dominated one.

“I just decided, ‘I’m going to go ahead and create an event for women, by women,’” she said. “This is going to be one that’s directly created for the woman – her heart, her voice, and her perspective in the industry.”

Brianna Harris Kimbrough, owner of Broadway Mortgage Group, will lead a hands-on workshop on making effective Instagram reels – using apps to create a script and execute and edit a video – with broker Nike Ojo set to deliver a session on cultivating a winning mindset.

Monique ‘Amor’ Lume, meanwhile, will bring her experience in coaching clients, facilitating healing sessions, and developing brand strategy to the event.

How can women succeed in the mortgage industry?

Hernandez told MPA four pillars underpin the event: Connect, Create, Collaborate, and Celebrate. Connection, she said, was an enormous part of a successful year for her as a mortgage professional in 2023.

“Last year, I had my biggest income year in mortgage – and part of that winning recipe was my ‘hype squad,’” she said. “These are woman that I had curated last year from AIME. I’m so grateful for them.

“I met most of them at the beginning of this year and then they became my support system – because this business can be really lonely at times. And especially as a woman, we really need connection.”

The event offers ample time for both productive work and relaxation, according to Hernandez. “It’s late morning starts,” she said. “You could sleep in, you can go and do yoga, you can hang out by the pool – but it’s going to allow for a lot of time for people to really make those relationships that matter.

“It’s definitely an exclusive, intimate experience. I’m very excited to see what comes out. I think once people go back into their marketplace, we’ll see a lot of growth for everybody in the next year or so.”

Heightening representation of women in industry crucially important

Hernandez emphasized the importance of representation in the industry and ensuring women’s voices are heard – and said it was critical for woman mortgage professionals to surround themselves with a strong and supportive community to help them climb the ladder.

“If you’re not seeing yourself represented, you think that it’s not even possible for you. And then [you need] the tactical skills to make it happen,” she said. “And the support system to be there – you have to have all three.

“You have to know what you’re doing. You have to have belief in what you’re doing. And you also need that support in what you’re doing.”

Having the right type of support, she said, means a group that will provide an anchor both in good times and bad.

“It’s in those moments that you want to quit and they’re there because they’re going through the same thing you’re going through,” she said. “Or they’re there to celebrate your wins with you.

“You have to have those people around you. As women, we’re told that we’re not supposed to share our successes and that you’re just supposed to sit there and look pretty and not voice all those things. So creating that space with the people around you that allow you to become that higher version of yourself – you may not have it without an event like this.”

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