Building trust with broker partners

How one company is providing a customer-centric lending experience to the advantage of brokers

Building trust with broker partners

Kim Nichols, senior managing director at Pennymac TPO, helps the company build trust and develop strong relationships with its broker partners and provide them with a customer-centric lending experience.

“Pennymac’s culture and balanced business model play a vital role in our success,” she said. “We follow our core values of being accountable, reliable, and ethical in all that we do to guide and support our partners in the right way. It is all about executing for the customer.”
This business philosophy, combined with her passion for the industry and all of its various facets, are what propelled Nichols to the top.
“The business was and is fascinating and dynamic,” Nichols said. “There’s always something new to learn and master.
“This is an important lesson for people early in their careers: Don’t be afraid to ask questions; you never know where it might bring you.”

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