AIME hosts Capitol Hill event for national mortgage brokers day

Association unites over 100 brokers nationwide in unprecedented advocacy event

AIME hosts Capitol Hill event for national mortgage brokers day

The Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME) mobilized over 100 independent brokers nationwide in a power-packed Capitol Hill event commemorating National Mortgage Brokers Day.

In celebration of the National Mortgage Brokers Day (NMBD), AIME held a fly-in event on Capitol Hill, led by chairwoman and CEO Katie Sweeney. According to the association’s news release, the event provided an “exceptional opportunity for brokers to personally engage with 51 legislators and Congressional offices, showcasing their dedication to serving the housing needs of diverse communities nationwide.”

“The Capitol Hill fly-in event for National Mortgage Brokers Day was a tremendous success,” Sweeney said. “It served as a platform for mortgage brokers to amplify their voices, express their concerns, and advocate for the betterment of the housing industry and consumers. Through the Broker Action Coalition (BAC), we are proud to facilitate these crucial conversations and ensure that the unique value proposition of mortgage brokers is acknowledged and embraced by lawmakers.”

Prior to the event, AIME launched its State Captains program, which created over 100 grassroots broker advocates from almost every US state. Through the program, brokers identify and address issues that create barriers to homeownership for consumers in their communities. Many of AIME’s appointed State Captains attended the event to represent their state.

One of the event’s highlights was AIME’s first-ever Broker Advocacy Training Day for the new State Captains and other influential brokers and industry partners. The training day consisted of over eight hours of in-depth, hands-on workshop sessions featuring Congressman French Hill (AR-02), Congressman Wiley Nickel (NC-13), Senior Congressional Advisor Ed Skala, Sarah Edelman, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Single Family Housing at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), lobbying experts from Forbes Tate Partners, best-selling author and transformational speaking coach René Rodriguez, and AIME leadership.

On the second day, brokers attended meetings with legislators on Capitol Hill, which saw constructive discussions about various topics on federal issues such as protecting homebuyer privacy with regulatory reforms for Trigger Leads with HR 4198, supporting homeownership opportunities for first responders and local heroes with the HELPER Act, and state issues like granting exemptions that allow more disabled Veterans to achieve homeownership with the Disabled Veteran Tax Exemption.

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Additionally, the trade association launched a fundraiser for the Broker Action Coalition (BAC), AIME’s grassroots network of brokers and their supporters, which funds the organization’s advocacy efforts for state and federal lobbying campaigns. The effort aims to raise $1 million this year in support of mortgage broker advocacy. Attendees of the fly-in event have already contributed over $500,000 so far.

“For too long, the regulations of the past have diminished the growth potential of the broker channel, and that needs to change,” said Brendan McKay, president of advocacy at AIME. “Without the BAC’s efforts, not only are our livelihoods at stake, but the American Dream of homeownership slips out of reach for consumers nationwide. We need to build influence and awareness in the seat of government to effect change at the top, and that’s exactly what the BAC is doing.”

AIME wrapped up the event with the National Mortgage Brokers Day Fundraising reception, which hosted brokers, key members of Congress, and multiple House Financial Services Committee members.

“Ultimately, our mission is to help people help more people, and we’re putting our advocacy into action by striving for legislative change that will benefit the entire wholesale mortgage channel,” said Sweeney. “Whether you’re an AIME member or not, our advocacy initiatives are building a better future for everyone in the wholesale channel – but support from all avenues is critical to do this efficiently and at the speed consumers deserve.”

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