PrimeLending expedites mortgage approval process for customers

Company rolls out new initiative to speed up the process

PrimeLending expedites mortgage approval process for customers

PrimeLending has announced the launch of 1Day AdvantEDGE1, a “game-changing” process that simplifies and expedites the mortgage approval process for borrowers.

PrimeLending explained that once customers complete the online application and provide the required documentation, their application undergoes a seamless automated data verification process. Borrowers will then receive their loan approval letter within a day and a $250 lender credit at closing.

“This latest initiative underscores PrimeLending’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of homebuyers,” the company said in a Press release. “By responding to market demands and leveraging advanced technology, PrimeLending continues to empower customers on their homeownership journey.”

“1Day AdvantEDGE represents a significant leap forward in the mortgage industry,” said PrimeLending chief production officer Tim Elkins. “We are proud to provide our customers with a simplified and accelerated approval process that gives them a real advantage in today’s competitive market.”

In April, the Dallas-based lender entered the reverse mortgage space, adding new alternative financing options to its product offerings.

“PrimeLending is committed to providing our customers with the best possible financial solutions, and we are thrilled to offer reverse mortgages to our product line,” said Steve Thompson, president and CEO of PrimeLending. “This new product will provide homeowners with additional financial flexibility and peace of mind during their golden years.”

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