New partnership aims to pave way for evolution of loan origination processes

Integration to introduce an advanced workflow automation

New partnership aims to pave way for evolution of loan origination processes

Truv has announced a strategic partnership with loan origination solutions company Dark Matter Technologies. According to a media release, the collaboration aims to simplify income and employment verification for lenders while empowering Truv’s clients with enhanced capabilities and streamlined loan origination processes.

One of the highlights is the introduction of advanced workflow automation features. Loan officers can now benefit from reduced processing times and heightened productivity, allowing them to focus on delivering services to their clients. It was also suggested that mortgage lenders can anticipate substantial cost savings.

Key features of the integration:

  • Truv’s integration accelerates loan processing by retrieving income and employment data directly from borrowers’ payroll accounts, ensuring accuracy and eliminating delays.
  • Efficient workflow automation guarantees a smoother, error-free loan origination process, reducing processing times and boosting productivity for Truv’s clients.
  • Mortgage lenders leveraging Truv’s integration with Empower LOS can expect up to 80% in verification cost savings, fostering a streamlined and cost-effective loan origination process.
  • Truv offers lenders persistent connections for free reverifications, minimizing borrower interactions and expediting loan processing times.
  • Truv’s status as an approved third-party service provider enables seamless access to data required for Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor for the AIM assessment, enhancing compliance and regulatory adherence.
  • With accelerated processing, borrowers experience a friendlier and more streamlined journey, reducing wait times for critical documentation.
  • Truv’s platform covers 92% of the US workforce and is trusted by over 70 mortgage lenders.

Truv is a consumer-permissioned data platform, offering an open finance platform for mortgage lenders. Dark Matter Technologies is a provider of cutting-edge solutions in loan origination.

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