Acra Lending's guide to finding a good non-QM loan partner

What type of pipeline does Acra have in the works?

Acra Lending's guide to finding a good non-QM loan partner

Acra Lending – safely locked and loaded with liquidity for non-QM transactions, and, importantly, well capitalized.

“A lot of our competitors have gone out of business over the last 12 months,” said Kyle Gunderlock (pictured), president and chief risk officer of Acra Lending.

Interest rates have also had a huge impact. That is why he is keen that brokers know that Acra is “incredibly well capitalized and there is still a robust need for non-QM in the consumer base. Acra is here and ready and able to do business.”

Blueprint for a good partnership

You are known by – and succeed or fail by – the company you keep, which is why Gunderlock stresses that it is important to partner with a good non-QM lender, someone who will not leave you high-and-dry at the signing table. A good non-QM lender should help expose you, as a broker, to a large swath of different programs, like the ones Acra has to offer.

“[That] can certainly help brokers make more money based simply on the fact that they are able to offer more loans to more consumers and help fit the unique scenarios from those different customers into a program that we potentially have,” he said. “So, it is a win-win-win for the consumer, for the broker, and for us all to do business together.”

Gunderlock gets artistic when he starts to talk about what makes a good loan for Acra, brokers, and borrowers.

“There is an overlap akin to a Venn diagram on meeting a collective goal,” he said. “Ultimately, all parties are looking to have the transaction close, but also to do so expeditiously and with a fluid, smooth process.”

Acra has spent years developing new and stream-lined technologies while investing in a knowledgeable and customer service-oriented workforce. In any potential wholesale transaction, an Acra broker should have timely communication or service, a consistent underwrite, and competitive pricing.

The broker, in turn, can then deliver the same to the collective customer, the applicant or borrower. The customer should be able to expect, and experience, a well-articulated process, understanding any outstanding next steps, and have confidence in a timely closing.

“Consequently, and intuitively, those efficiencies have led to Acra’s ability to be at the forefront of service, product and pricing,” Gunderlock said.

Finding the best way to determine non-QM loan risk

No loan comes without some degree of risk though, even with non-QM loans. The need to guard against any adverse reactions from a loan that turns sour is front-of-mind.

“Despite well-written and thorough guidelines, unique circumstances perpetually surface. Understanding the downstream effects of those decisions is paramount to weighing our risk-based analysis,” Gunderlock said. “Ultimately, it is easier to make a loan than it is to collect. We want every borrower to be in a position to succeed.” 

As such, Acra offers a “robust” series of non-QM programs, which includes a plethora of unique products. This is supported by a strong knowledge of each underwriting, the evolving second and capital markets, and regulatory directives.

For Gunderlock, it is all about “flexibility” and finding the right non-QM program that can take the unique position of a client, and make it fit, like a bank statement program versus a DSCR program.

“Having a broker with a lot of knowledge of someone’s multiple programs to help their clients fit into the appropriate LTV and at the cheapest rate… is probably the way that everybody makes the most amount of money,” he said.

Acra’s technology blueprint to be unrolled soon

While well capitalized, the company is not treading water. Over the next six to 12 months, they will be embarking on a number of initiatives that have been in the making for 18 months, like a new broker portal, transparent pipeline management for brokers, as well as easier delivery packages.

“So, I feel really confident that not only have we been at the forefront of non-QM but we are also now going to be at the forefront of technology and customer experience in the near future as well,” Gunderlock said.