CRE firm Axylyum Charter releases new risk mitigation product

It aims to shake up the distressed mortgage-backed asset space

CRE firm Axylyum Charter releases new risk mitigation product

Axylyum Charter, a commercial real estate finance firm, has launched a new product that enables lenders to eliminate the default risk of asset-based non-owner-occupied loans.

The New York-based company claims that the product, AXY Wrap, is designed to disrupt the distressed mortgage-backed asset space. It allows lenders to increase lending facilities by eliminating default risk – ultimately decreasing servicing expenses, carrying costs, and property disposition time.

“Axylyum and AXY Wrap were established to unify capital, servicing and litigation under one roof,” said Serge Petroff, founder and CEO of Axylyum. “By doing so, we are able to align our clients’ goals, interests and execution across multiple asset classes. The partners at Axylyum designed a product that truly changes the market. We had the foresight to recognize challenges in the private/hard money lending industry. The brilliance behind our product is that it eliminates multiple layers of risk, specifically the risk of default.”

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“I haven’t been this energized about a company since 1995. We are building a phenomenal business that offers so much more than revenue and dividends to the stockholders,” said Axylyum managing director Bryce Malone. “We are in a great position to give our clients a significant opportunity for growth while limiting loan losses. I am positive that we are going to shake up the industry.”