This webinar will help boost referrals and new business

Struggling to generate leads via Facebook and other social media? These tips will help you stand out from the crowd

This webinar will help boost referrals and new business
Jason Lutz, COO of the Derivian Group is hosting an upcoming webinar on building leads through Facebook. We spoke with Lutz to glean some insights into what originators can do through social media to help grow their business.

“One of the keys, particularly for Facebook and social media in general, is to stay in front of your friends and followers on a regular basis. And do it in a way that isn’t annoying,” Lutz told Mortgage Professional America. “That really comes down to the giving sale: Providing things to friends and followers that they find valuable while still establishing yourself as an expert in the real estate field.”

In addition, originators should occasionally appeal to people on an emotional level.

“You need to hyper target your content to a particular group. When you do that you’re far more likely to illicit a response,” he said. “For example: Talking about how a student out of college can buy a home – while it won’t appeal to everyone – it will hit those who it does appeal to much harder.”

The third thing that loan officers forget is you need a reason for people to raise their hand and ask for more information, Lutz explained.

“Sometimes we post general stuff on social media but you need to occasionally pepper in valuable content, such as e-books, and white papers and ask for something in return.”

You offer something that is valuable and ask only for contact info in return. And since you’ve built up social credibility, the potential lead will be more willing to provide that info and, in turn, use your services.

“When you do offer things like e-books and hyper-targeted content, you need to make sure the more general content is valuable so it builds your credibility. If you do that, you’ve demonstrated in the past you’re an expert and you know what you’re talking about,” Lutz said. “You’ve consistently given quality content … they’re far more likely to give you their contact information.”

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