Snapdocs makes digital mortgage simpler for borrowers

Lenders can now integrate the closing software into their POS systems

Snapdocs makes digital mortgage simpler for borrowers

Snapdocs has announced that its digital mortgage closing platform now integrates with lenders' point-of-sale (POS) systems, allowing them to streamline the homebuying experience for borrowers.

With the integration, borrowers no longer need to create multiple logins to complete tasks in different systems. Instead, using single sign-on technology, they can use the same username and password they created for their lender's POS system to log in and complete their closing in Snapdocs.

"We pride ourselves on having built the easiest-to-use website for our borrowers," said Allan Carroll, founder and chief technology officer of LoanSnap. "When they're used to everything being simple and easy all the way through the mortgage process, it's jarring to suddenly toss them into another system and have them create a new account for the closing. Being able to have borrowers go straight into Snapdocs, using our existing login system, and quickly eSign the closing documents has made the mortgage experience simpler for them."

The integration is available for both third-party POS systems and "homegrown" systems built by a lender's internal teams and has already been implemented by LoanSnap in southern California.

"We believe borrowers deserve a seamless online mortgage experience, regardless of the parties or technologies involved," said Aaron King, CEO and founder of Snapdocs. "Snapdocs SSO means our lenders can provide this while building a best-in-breed tech stack instead of settling for subpar options."