RoundPoint implements new loss-mitigation workflow software

Clarifire provides a modern approach to workflow automation, says RoundPoint

RoundPoint implements new loss-mitigation workflow software

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation has announced the implementation of CLARIFIRE as its loss-mitigation workflow automation platform to increase the efficiency of its loss mitigation processes.

CLARIFIRE, workflow software owned by privately held corporation Clarifire, standardizes and streamlines complicated business processes by leveraging system flexibility and automation.

“Initially we selected CLARIFIRE’S solution for our loss-mitigation department,” said RoundPoint COO Brad Johnson. “The customization and flexibility the tool offers will allow us to utilize it in multiple departments and were key factors in making our decision to partner with the company. We’re excited to work with a like-minded company that shares a focus on technology and provides a modern approach to workflow automation.”

“RoundPoint’s modern vision of a more automated, and flexible loss mitigation process, aligns perfectly with our disruptive industry technology, CLARIFIRE. We’re thrilled that our software will play a key part in helping automate their loss mitigation process and offer opportunity to automate other workflows within RoundPoint. RoundPoint’s forward-thinking approach is akin to ours and will continue to set them ahead of the competition,” said Clarifire CEO Jane Mason.

After implementing CLARIFIRE in January, RoundPoint said that it would continue to expand its use of the platform in its loss-mitigation process.