NOVA Home Loans, Homebot launch personalized platform for loan officers

Loan officers can engage borrowers with relevant information through the platform

NOVA Home Loans, Homebot launch personalized platform for loan officers

Mortgage lender NOVA Home Loans has deployed an engagement platform with Homebot that enables loan officers to track current property values and offer a variety of strategic financial scenarios.

The recently launched platform offers personalized, branded digests that deliver information to homeowners such as current home value property and equity, appreciation, amortization details, tactics to build wealth, and so on.

"Homebot is a win-win for our LOs and their borrowers," said Jon Volpe, chairman and chief executive officer of NOVA Home Loans. "Homebot puts our LOs in front of their clients every month in a highly relevant manner, and helps those clients maximize their home equity and long-term wealth potential. The data-driven, client-centric campaigns average a jaw-dropping 75% open rate, which tells me homeowners are loving the value this system provides."  

The engagement platform also provides content including home equity, a breakdown of principal and interest paid, tips on saving for interest payments, purchasing power for investment or trade up property, estimated rent income from short-term rental, as well as advice on how to diversify personal wealth.

"NOVA's modern approach toward marketing positions them to thrive throughout any market cycle," said Homebot CEO Ernie Graham. "Homebot levels the playing field, allowing LOs to compete head-to-head with multimillion-dollar marketing budgets, and cement top-of-mind awareness to keep their clients for life. We're thrilled to add NOVA Home Loans to our growing list of exceptional lender clients."