Note from the Founder Dec/Jan Issue

Note from the Founder Dec/Jan Issue

A TNR reader recently posted a comment on our discussion board in our Facebook fan page which is indicative of questions and concerns we’ve been receiving from many other readers for the last couple of months.

Shad Russo of Oregon Home Appraisals writes What a shame that your magazine has published the best article written on the HVCC system (July 09), and then give the front cover to an AMC. Wow, you lost my support. Get an opinion and stick with it”.
Shad, thank you for your input. This is an excellent point you bring up.

Selling the front cover is certainly unorthodox, and something we have done since our inception. There is also something else unorthodox about TNR - We offer FREE subscriptions to the mortgage professional. This means the magazine is 100% supported by our advertisers - NOT our subscribers.

I do understand your point regarding the hypocritical nature of advertising an AMC while publishing articles speaking out against HVCC. However, our advertisers pay for the production, print and postage for nearly 20,000 copies of TNR each month (a huge feat). Our subscriber's love that they get this full size, four color, glossy magazine without paying a dime. So what better way to pay homage to our advertisers than to offer them the most premium placement in the magazine - The Front Cover.

As subscriptions grow, advertisers can only carry us so far in terms of total reach. We may be forced to start charging for subscriptions in order to meet growing subscriber demand (subscription requests are coming in more rapidly every month). We will then have to answer to both advertisers AND subscribers.

It will be that time when we need to rethink selling the front cover.
For a more detailed look into this discussion, visit us at our Facebook fan page (search for The Niche Report). Feel free to join in.
Happy Holidays and may your 2010 be a prosperous one.
Keep up the fight,
Robert Pegg