MGIC integrates with Blue Sage digital lending platform

The mortgage insurer now offers MI products and services on Blue Sage

MGIC integrates with Blue Sage digital lending platform

Blue Sage, a digital mortgage lending platform, has partnered with Mortgage Guarantee Insurance Corporation (MGIC) to integrate MGIC’s mortgage insurance rate quotes and MI service ordering through the Blue Sage platform.

The integration lets loan originators choose MI products and order MGIC rate quotes or delegated MI without leaving the Blue Sage’s platform.

"We're proud to partner with MGIC, which shares our vision to streamline the mortgage insurance process for lenders and consumers," Blue Sage Chief Executive Officer Joe Langner said. "Our automated integration with MGIC significantly reduces time and effort involved in ordering insurance, regardless of a lender's channel of business. Through partnerships such as these, Blue Sage continues to modernize mortgage lending in the cloud in ways that other platforms simply cannot match."

"We are excited to be working with Blue Sage to bring the newest MGIC offerings to our mutual customers," said Margaret Crowley, vice president of marketing and customer experience at MGIC. "As we continue to define new ways of supporting the private mortgage insurance needs of our customers, partners like Blue Sage are creating platforms that support continuous innovation."