Homeowners are mostly happy with their purchase

But millennials are more likely to regret their mortgage payments

Homeowners are mostly happy with their purchase

Homeowners of all ages are generally happy with their purchase but for younger owners their biggest regret is their home financing.

According to a survey of 10,000 owners and renters in 20 large US metros, the Zillow Housing Aspirations Report found that 81% of young homeowners (between 18 and 34 years old) had at least one regret about their home, compared with 65% of those 55 years and older.

And for those young owners, mortgage rates, payments, and types are among the largest regrets. But this is likely due to inexperience with most living in their first home purchase and many having rushed the buying process.

"The American Dream of homeownership is still alive and well, and younger buyers who are building families and forging their careers must stretch their budgets to achieve it," said Zillow Director of Economic Research Skylar Olsen. "They have long wish lists to fit their needs and are often navigating the process of buying for the first time. While their inexperience may lead to wishing they'd done some things differently, few homeowners regret making the decision to buy instead of rent."

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