Firms team up to launch buy-before-you-sell program

It will be available to homeowners across the US

Firms team up to launch buy-before-you-sell program

Cornerstone First Mortgage has partnered with Calque to introduce The Trade-In Mortgage program to homeowners across the US.

According to a statement announcing the launch of the program, the two firms teamed up to offer loan solutions tailored to the needs of homeowners looking to purchase their next property.

Their program works by allowing homeowners to make non-contingent offers on new properties by leveraging the equity in their current homes, providing them with a competitive advantage in a market characterized by low inventory and high prices.

By utilizing The Trade-In Mortgage, individuals can qualify for their subsequent home purchases with a lower debt-to-income ratio and secure more favorable loan terms.

Additionally, the buy-before-you-sell program will be available to homeowners across the US through Cornerstone First Mortgage’s nationwide presence.

Sean Cahan, president of Cornerstone First Mortgage, said The Trade-In Mortgage reflects the company’s commitment to providing a wide range of home loan programs alongside top-tier customer service.

“We aim to deliver a solution that best fits each client’s needs, and this product is perfect for many homebuyers in this market,” said Cahan.

Dan Mugge, chief operating officer at Calque, also commented on the collaboration and referred to Cornerstone First Mortgage as “the optimal partner for introducing The Trade-In Mortgage to their clients.”

“Home equity is at an all-time high,” said Mugge. “As interest rates remain elevated, homeowners can use the equity they have earned to position themselves for the best mortgage possible when they decide to buy their next property.”

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