EXOS Technologies partners with Blend to speed up appraisal process

Appraisal platform allows borrowers to pencil in appraisals online

EXOS Technologies partners with Blend to speed up appraisal process

Mortgage servicing company EXOS Technologies has collaborated with Blend to enable lender clients to schedule appraisals in real time through the EXOS Appraisal platform.

With the partnership, consumers looking for a new mortgage can access live calendars of licensed appraisers nationwide to set appraisal appointments. Borrowers can then pick the exact date and time of their preferred appointment and get instant confirmation with a photo of their appraiser.

The automated appraisal order system and customer self-service will allow lenders to close loans faster, according to EXOS.

"Blend is committed to streamlining the mortgage workflow, and EXOS adds yet another dimension when it comes to driving efficiency and automation in the appraisal process," said Brian Martin, head of business development at Blend. "Partnering with EXOS provides the opportunity to offer a more complete digital mortgage experience and help our customers interact with borrowers on a deeper level."

"This is an exciting partnership as EXOS will help extend the level of digital connectivity for lenders utilizing Blend's platform," said Kiran Vattem, executive vice president and chief digital and technology officer at EXOS. "EXOS helps address critical consumer touchpoints overlooked by most lenders."