Elizabeth Warren for VP?

Longtime critic of mortgage industry announces she will endorse Clinton, and may consider VP slot

Elizabeth Warren for VP?
What do Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren have in common? That question was posed on this website back in March. With Warren’s comments this week that she will soon endorse Hillary Clinton and may consider becoming her running mate if asked, we know two things she and Trump don’t have in common.

As to what they do have in common, US Chamber of Commerce CEO Thomas Donohue said in March that they would both be bad for the economy, albeit for different reasons.

About Warren, Donohue complained that her ideas to more tightly regulate financial industries could be devastating to the economy.

In April, Mortgage Professional America reported that Warren was calling on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to exercise more oversight towards non-bank mortgage servicers.  Her calls for such oversight go back several years, in fact.

Warren, an attorney and professor, won election to the US Senate from Massachusetts in 2012. She was instrumental in establishing the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and has served as a special advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury.

She is known for being more progressive on many issues than Clinton, which may be why she is the only Democrat woman serving in the senate who has not yet endorsed Clinton.

Warren this week told Reuters she had reservations about accepting the vice presidential slot, because she didn’t think a two-woman ticket was necessarily the best way to beat Trump and also because she fears her more liberal views could be watered down if she were to serve under Clinton.

Referred to by Reuters as a “fiery critic of Wall Street,” she is also known for her unbridled contempt for Trump.