Cogent Road Introduces Gravity™


tech, mortgage tech, housing, software, homeland    SAN DIEGO, CA—February 22, 2012—Cogent Road, a provider of innovative cloud-based mortgage technologies, has introduced Gravity™, the first mortgage-specific CRM/lead management system that helps loan officers obtain a loan commitment in a single call. 

  Gravity is the only cloud-based CRM/lead management system fully integrated with credit, 1003, FHA Scorecard, a pricing engine (Price My Loan), loan comparison tools and anti-steering disclosure, allowing loan originators to take a complete application, select and price a loan, accurately discuss financial benefits and qualify borrowers in one call. Gravity’s diverse series of tools ensures that loan officers can be confident presenting prospects with an accurate pre-qualification; ultimately resulting in significant time efficiencies and the potential of improved closing ratios.

"Gravity is the result of over a decade of experience creating mortgage specific software applications," said William DiPaolo, Cogent Road's CEO. “The outcome is a CRM/LMS that helps loan officers close faster, manage open opportunities easily and capture new leads from more sources."

  After using customized Interview Wizards to capture a prospect’s basic application data, the loan originator provides a real-time comparison of the financial benefits of up to three different loan choices. Interactive charts help the applicant visualize the savings gained over specific time periods, as compared to their current loan. The prospect receives a full color summary of the loan program options, along with the loan officer’s photo and contact information. When necessary, loan officers can also create multiple 1003s with up to five different borrowers on a single application.

"Our experience working with third-party systems helped us integrate FHA Scorecard and the Price My Loans pricing engine seamlessly into Gravity," DiPaolo said. "Loan officers can easily retrieve accurate FHA eligibility and loan pricing options while on a single call with the applicant. The goal is to help them gain commitment and lock up the lead as soon as possible."

     If for some reason the applicant is unable to continue with the initial call, a single click creates a secure, private labeled web-based application that the borrower may finish later. Once the application is complete, the lead is updated with the new information and the loan officer is notified via e-mail.

    A special feature is the ability to create unlimited, fully customized Internet-based lead capture forms. These lead capture forms are accessible from any Internet-enabled source and help generate new leads from web pages, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, e-mail signatures and more.

   Gravity allows full customization of lead distribution criteria to ensure the right loan originator receives the correct leads, based on seniority, location and any other custom factors. Managers can monitor the status of all leads and the overall performance by loan officer, branch office, division and region.

     As with all Cogent Road technology solutions, Gravity is cloud based and secured in Cogent Road’s SAS 70 compliant data center that undergoes annual third-party security audits. The data center is staffed 24/7 and contains biometric scanning, a waterless fire prevention system, a 100 percent uptime guaranty and multiple redundancies.