Calyx teams up with FormFree for faster loan verification

The integration streamlines the verification process for Zip users

Calyx teams up with FormFree for faster loan verification

Calyx has announced that it has integrated its Zip point-of-sale (POS) tool with FormFree’s AccountChek, an automated asset-verification platform that speeds up credit verification.

The integration provides brokers and financial institutions that use Zip with a faster and simplified verification process. It also enables them to leverage Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty program, which is an initiative that aims to free lenders from representations and warranties.

“Our integration with FormFree allows brokers and financial institutions to provide borrowers with the ability to initiate the asset-verification process at the point of sale—improving the borrower experience by automating and accelerating loan decisioning,” Calyx Marketing Director Patrice Power said.

 “We designed AccountChek to eliminate the drawn-out process of collecting critical financial data from borrowers,” said Brent Chandler, founder and chief executive officer of FormFree. “By integrating with Calyx, we’re helping more mortgage originators verify assets, income and employment efficiently and effectively while also improving customer satisfaction.”