Branch Opportunity of the Week: Geneva Financial -- making originating easy

Gary Medina, a 16-year industry veteran, recently joined Geneva Financial. He says the company makes it easy for LOs to focus on their real job: originating loans

Changing branch networks – or joining one for the first time – can be a bit of a rough transition. That’s why it’s vital that branch networks smooth the way for incoming originators.

Gary Medina, a 16-year industry veteran, recently joined Geneva Financial as a senior loan officer. Medina says he was attracted by Geneva’s broad product array and the flexibility they offer loan officers.

“They’ve got quite a few lines they’re able to bank with, so it doesn’t pigeonhole us or our borrowers,” he says. “We have the ability if need be to broker outside the banking lines. Basically, there are a lot of options for us and our clients.”

Medina says the company gives him the support he needs to be able to focus on getting loans for his customers.

“I’ve already got about four or five loans in the pipe, and everything seems to be running smoothly. My office – the Las Vegas branch – is really helpful,” he says. “They’re here to do whatever needs to be done so I can do my job, which is to be a loan officer and go out and get loans. That’s invaluable. It’s a really big plus for me.”

That’s a refreshing change from some other companies he’s worked for, Medina says.

“They’ve made it incredibly easy. They’re very supportive – something I was lacking at several other companies in the recent past,” he says. “My responsibilities were more than a loan officer’s, so I was doing things I didn’t need to be doing. But of course I also have to close transactions and please the borrowers.

“I look forward to working with Geneva,” Medina adds. “If things are going to continue with this structure, I think I’ll find myself to be here for a long, long time.”