An Epic Struggle: HEOPA, HERA, and Hercules

HEOPA, HERA, and Hercules; all epic stories

[caption id="attachment_5821" align="alignleft" width="242" caption="An Epic Struggle: HEOPA, HERA, and Hercules"]An Epic Struggle: HEOPA, HERA, and Hercules [/caption]

With so many changes in the industry, mortgage brokers have to adapt and redefine themselves at a rate and speed the likes of which have not been seen. It?s not just the rule changes and the adoption of HEOPA, HERA, HVCC, and all of the other acronyms that sound so innocuous but require new training and a new level of vigilance in order to remain compliant and a bulletin board of timelines and dates highlighted so that we can remember when to order appraisals, etc.; but it has also been the need to redefine ourselves from the niche markets that once dominated many of our pipelines, to the first time home buyers and government loans that are now the only option for most borrowers.

Many of us had built our referral business in very specific markets and after many years, had become known for our expertise in this specific area. Indeed, it was the hallmark that made a successful broker!