Top landowners gained the equivalent of 5 New York cities in 2018

Report reveals insights into leading US landowners

Top landowners gained the equivalent of 5 New York cities in 2018

Last year saw America’s leading landowners buying more than 1 million acres.

The Land Report sponsored by Land Leader reveals that the 100 largest landowners in the US and how much land they owned at the end of 2018.

It shows that the 100 added more than 2,000 square miles to their holdings, five times the size of New York City.

Leading the pack were cable industry pioneers John Malone and Ted Turner with 2.2 million acres and 2 million acres, respectively. Malone’s land includes the Silver Spur Ranches, with productive cattle land and historic structures, while Turner’s Great Plains ranches are home to the largest bison herd on earth, more than 50,000!

Other leading landowners include the King Ranch Heirs, who rank tenth nationwide with more than 900,000 acres, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who ranks twenty-eighth. Bezos uses his 420,000-acre Texas ranch to launch and land rockets.

"We're very proud to continue our partnership with The Land Report 100," said Pat Doyle, Managing Director for land marketing firm LandLeader. "The Land Report 100 showcases the most spectacular properties nationwide and features the individuals and families who steward our country's greatest asset. This is truly an annual celebration for our love of the land," says Doyle.