The cities set to challenge Silicon Valley, Seattle for tech growth

Zillow identifies several cities that are likely to see growth as tech centers

The cities set to challenge Silicon Valley, Seattle for tech growth

Technology is big news in so many ways, including the benefits for cities that become centers of excellence for the fast-growing industry.

A new analysis from Zillow identifies the US cities that are ripe for tech sector growth with the Midwest and South leading the way, including Oklahoma City, Kansas City and Jacksonville.

The analysis included several factors including housing affordability, whether the market has the ability to attract people, demographics, labor market, talent pool, and livability factors.

Areas that are traditionally associated with tech including the Silicon Valley and Seattle are challenged by rising house prices and a limited talent pool given the concentration of tech firms vying for the best people.

The top-10 markets for future tech growth are:

  1. Oklahoma City
  2. Kansas City
  3. Jacksonville
  4. Indianapolis
  5. Cincinnati
  6. San Antonio
  7. Memphis
  8. Austin
  9. Louisville
  10. Columbus

Best, worst markets by category
Affordable markets

Highest scores: Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Oklahoma City
Lowest scores: Los Angeles, Bay Area, San Diego

Hot markets
Highest scores: Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Tampa
Lowest scores: Bay Area, Washington, D.C., New York

Markets with a robust economy
Highest scores: Austin, Orlando, Bay Area
Lowest scores: Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh

Markets with available skilled tech workers
Highest scores: Kansas City, Milwaukee, Memphis
Lowest scores: New York, Los Angeles, Bay Area

Livable markets
Highest scores: Kansas City, Raleigh, Salt Lake City
Lowest scores: Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit