Mortech partners with Blend to enhance digital lending experience

Partnership adds real-time mortgage rate data to streamline process

Mortech partners with Blend to enhance digital lending experience

The Blend digital lending platform is gaining additional capabilities through a partnership with Zillow-owned mortgage technology firm Mortech.

By adding Mortech’s real-time mortgage rate data, loan officers can provide a more reliable digital lending experience with greater transparency and a more streamlined workflow.

“Borrowers shopping for mortgage financing continue to demand a combination of guided online self-service tools with personal and professional support,” said Doug Foral, general manager at Mortech. “Mortech and Blend can better deliver real-time mortgage pricing and investor data to provide direct mortgage products and pricing to borrowers and enable lenders to make borrower-specific loan product decisions.”

Lenders will also have more flexibility and control over custom pricing configurations for eligible products returned to consumers using the Blend application.

“We’re committed to providing the most efficient path toward homeownership and partnering with mortgage technology leaders like Mortech allows us to deliver on and exceed consumer expectations,” said Brian Martin, Head of Business Development at Blend.