What’s next for Rocket Pro TPO: speed and certainty

Senior VP explains what lender has been working on this year to help originators in 2021

What’s next for Rocket Pro TPO: speed and certainty

Rocket Pro TPO recently launched two pieces of technology informed by feedback from the broker community which will improve operations and provide LOs an avenue to better serve their clients through 2021 and beyond. They are called PathFinder by Rocket and Rocket Connect.

MPA sat down (virtually) with Mike Fawaz, Senior Vice President of Sales at Rocket Pro TPO, to explore what these tech tools will do, why the lender developed them and how they will help brokers in the months and years ahead. Fawaz stressed that, above all else, his team had one goal in mind when building these tech-based solutions.

“We want to provide the broker community with enhanced speed and certainty,” Fawaz said. “That is something we are constantly focused on and is very important to us.”

PathFinder, Fawaz explained, is the unification of multiple powerful systems – GURU, The Answer and some smaller tools like a BPMI calculator – into a single platform. It leverages Google AI and machine learning, becoming a search engine for underwriting questions which autonomously improves itself by taking in information on how Rocket Pro TPO partners use it to then further simplify for future questions.

Rocket Connect is designed specifically for reducing turnaround times. Where PathFinder points originators to the right tool to help with applications, Rocket Connect is used to further streamline the loan process by connecting originators with the right operations people at the right times.

While Fawaz stressed the speed these two tools offer originators, he also emphasized they’re built to further the amount of certainty LOs have that a mortgage will close – something they can leverage to reassure their client the loan is in the right place. PathFinder and Rocket Connect are designed to ensure brokers check every single box from application to close. Originators need their loans to close fast, with great pull through and Rocket Pro TPO hasn’t lost sight of that.

These tools are helping secure better results for brokers in an intensely busy time but Rocket Pro TPO did not create them in a silo, Fawaz said. He explained that Rocket always designs its products to last the test of time, creating platforms that originators can leverage to grow and scale their businesses regardless of market conditions.

Uptake has already been significant and, according to Fawaz, the lender’s national account executives are all trained on these platforms – at the ready to help every partner get a quick grasp of these tools. He said the feedback from the broker community has been “incredible,” as they appreciate the search functions of PathFinder and the added efficiencies, they’re gaining via Rocket Connect.

“When talking with our brokers, we consistently hear they want to get out of the process and do what they do best, which is working directly with clients,” Fawaz said. “These tools provide speed and certainty - which gives our partners that path to scale and support more clients. They put brokers in a position to focus on critical aspects of their business, like building better relationships with their community and referral sources. We have created a winning combination by providing our partners with the technology and tools they need so they can focus on what matters most, assisting their clients and boosting their business.”