Tips to keep your digital marketing strategy fresh

The digital landscape is constantly evolving – and your marketing strategy needs to evolve with it

Tips to keep your digital marketing strategy fresh

Digital marketing is a space where the horizon is always receding. The pace of new technology means constant adjustment to stat on the cutting edge.

Still there are a few hard and fast rules that will help your digital marketing strategy succeed. Writing for the Huffington Post, The Unicorn in the Room founder Molly Reynolds recently laid out five things to bear in mind when planning a digital marketing strategy for 2017:

Remember that digital marketing is about connection. An effective digital marketing strategy doesn’t just tell customers that a brand exists. It can communicate the brand’s purpose.

Engage your people. “Particularly on social media, customers seek to feel connected to a real person behind your digital marketing,” Reynolds wrote. “That’s where your employees come in.” Digital strategies give you a chance to interact directly with your customer and build a relationship. Don’t pass that up.

Visuals are important. Studies show that when people hear information, they forget all but about 10% of it within three days. But when they see it, they still retain 65% of it after the same amount of time. So make sure your digital marketing has plenty of visual impact.

Don’t forget the 80/20 rule. Simply put: 80% of customers won’t engage with your marketing content. Only about 20% will take the time to look at it – and of those only about 5% will get around to responding to a call to action or making a purchase.

“In 2017, seek to understand which customers and strategies make up your 20% and build your marketing engine around them,” Reynolds wrote.

Analyze and adjust. Keep analyzing your results. Keep what’s working, and modify what isn’t. The digital world is constantly evolving; don’t assume your marketing strategy can remain static.

To learn more, check out Reynolds’ original article here.