Zillow: New Program Improves Listings Accuracy, Provides Greater Listing Agent Visibility

SEATTLE, June 12, 2012 -- Zillow, Inc. (NASDAQ: Z), the leading real estate information marketplace, today announced zPro™ for Brokers, a free, five-point program that will improve listings accuracy, benefiting brokers, agents and consumers, and provide greater visibility for listing agents. zPro for Brokers will position listing agents first in the Agent List shown next to for-sale listings, answering a frequent broker request.

Starting today, Zillow® is accepting 10partner brokerages for the beta test of zPro for Brokers. The program includes:

  1. Prominently Displayed Listing Agents: Agents with zPro brokerages are automatically displayed first and at the top of the page on listings, along with their photos and links to their profiles.
  2. Weekly Detailed Broker Reporting: Partner brokers receive weekly reports, including listings views, search views, number of contacts and contact open rates.
  3. Broker Listing Feed Trumps Other Sources: MLS-sourced listings feeds from partner brokerages will trump all other sources of data, making them the definitive source for accurate listings.
  4. Lead Follow-up and Contact Management System: Agents at zPro brokerages receive contact notifications through email with follow-up reminders via text message and phone, driving higher engagement.
  5. Broker Directs Contact Destinations: zPro brokers choose to send contacts directly to listing agents or to their corporate customer relationship      managements systems.

"Brokers have been giving us a lot of feedback, and we've been listening," said Bob Bemis, vice president of industry relations at Zillow. "Zillow is committed to helping brokers succeed, and zPro for Brokers directly addresses their concerns and provides solutions about listings accuracy, lead management and how listing agents are displayed."

"zPro for Brokers represents incredible value for brokers to present to their agents," said Jay Thompson, director of industry relations and social media. "Listing agents who work for brokerages that incorporate zPro into their business will now be even more visible to the consumer shopping on their listings, and brokers will have tremendous insight into the performance of their listings on Zillow."

Brokers interested in zPro for Brokers or in participating in the beta test can email [email protected].