UMortgage reveals scale-up plans as it hits $1bn milestone

Company outlines plans to improve platform and operations processes

UMortgage reveals scale-up plans as it hits $1bn milestone

UMortgage has celebrated a new financial milestone – hitting its goal of $1 billion in funded loan volume halfway through 2023.

The company credited Pennsylvania-based loan originator Ian Twaddle and his team with the accomplishment. According to UMortgage's press release, Twaddle's team originated the loan that officially brought UMortgage above $1 billion funded for the year.

"We're thrilled to have hit $1 billion in funded loans so early in the year," said Rob Pieklo, vice president of revenue at UMortgage. "We laid the groundwork to make this kind of production growth possible, but it was achieved thanks to the buy-in from everyone across the organization. $1 billion isn't the final goal, though."

Pieklo revealed UMortgage is currently "fine-tuning its operation processes" with a company-wide initiative called Operations 1.62. It will also launch a coaching platform that connects loan officers throughout the organization with experts across the mortgage industry and beyond.

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"We throw around the phrase 'all in' a lot, but Anthony [Casa] has truly gone 'all in' over and over—especially with operations," Twaddle said. "At UMortgage, we're never settling. Rather, we're constantly improving our operations processes and standards until they're the best in the business. That's what makes it possible for me and the team to do the business we have been doing."

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