More originators investing in sales and marketing tech

Originators who invest in sales and marketing technology are more likely to see their businesses grow, according to a recent survey

Growing numbers of mortgage professionals have invested in sales and marketing technology since the beginning of 2016, according to new data from Velocify.

Velocify found that users of the company’s sales acceleration platform had increased by 25% since the beginning of the year. That data coincided with a survey of 500 mortgage professionals that found lenders who made larger investments in sales and marketing technology were more likely to experience high growth.

“Mortgage organizations that are leveraging Velocify are out-selling their peers and taking advantage of new opportunities as market dynamics shift,” said Velocify’s Chris Backe. “Our customer, First Direct Lending, is a prime example. In the two and a half years since founding their company and investing in Velocify from the start, they have grown from five loan officers to more than a 100 loan officers licensed in 26 states.”

Backe said sales and marketing technology helped lenders run efficient effective sales and marketing operations. That, in turn, could help lenders get business that would otherwise go unrealized.

“As the purchase market heats up, mortgage lenders want to put more people in homes and give borrowers a great mortgage experience,” Backe said. “Yet today's retail lenders have a ton of potential revenue that is locked down by inefficiency.”