Kristi Hardy's unwavering dedication and pragmatic business approach

Executive shares her unique perspective on the mortgage business

Kristi Hardy's unwavering dedication and pragmatic business approach

"If you don't have a servant's heart as a loan officer, I don't think that you're going to do very well because you just have to care about the people," said Kristi Hardy (pictured), sales manager and senior loan officer at Atlantic Coast Mortgage.

Helping people has been the driving force in Hardy's 19-year mortgage career. Drawn to the dynamic blend of numbers, sales, and marketing, Hardy found her passion in helping people achieve their dreams of homeownership. In 2004, she embarked on a new path, joining the mortgage industry with determination and a drive to make a difference.

"I think that's what my biggest skill set is. I really do care like what happens with each and every one of my clients," Hardy said in the latest edition of MPA Talk. "That actually does set me apart from a lot of other loan officers, and I do think that has been the key to my success is caring and, on the practical level, my skill sets. I love math and marketing sales. I love all that. I love the competition, which motivates me. So yeah, but I think ultimately what will propel anyone in their career is just having that passion, and, in this case, it's the passion to help others."

Despite her driven and pragmatic nature, Hardy reveals that there are certain loans that keep her up at night. She admits to caring deeply about her clients' homeownership journeys, often feeling more eager for them to secure their dream homes than they are. It's a humorous realization for Hardy, as she recognizes her own passion and dedication, even when her clients may adopt a more laid-back attitude.

"Oftentimes, I think I care more about it than the clients themselves, like I'm more eager to get them into the house. Sometimes it's funny because they're more like, 'Oh, well, if it happens, it happens.' And I'm like, 'Oh no, it's gonna happen if this will happen.' So yeah, I think it definitely sends into my private time for sure. So weird because I'm very driven and motivated, but I don't let my feelings get in the way of anything. So, I'm not going to sit there and cry over something. I'm going to figure out a solution."

You can listen to Hardy's full MPA Talk podcast interview here: The importance of being gracious in the mortgage industry, and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.