Ask the Expert: Getting referrals from realtors

Getting referral business from real estate agents can prove to be a difficult task at first. Industry expert Dave Hershman highlights some of the best ways to get a positive response from realtors.

By Dave Hershman

Part II of the answer to this question. I have had several meetings with real estate agents and they all promised me business, but they never refer anyone. I am following up with them diligently by email and by phone. Do you know what could be the problem?

Rachel from Missouri

Last week I addressed the possibilities of why the questioner may not be really getting a positive response from the agents making these "promises." This week, let's talk about the best ways to get a positive response.
The first issue is--how are you setting up the meetings? Are these cold calls in which the agent's agreed to meet with you? Or are these agents who are meeting with you because of a personal referral from someone you both know or for another reason?
What is an example of another reason an agent might agree to meet with you? Let's say they were the listing agent on a deal in which you financed the buyer. Perhaps you did such a great job of keeping the listing agent informed, they agreed to meet with you. You can see how this situation or the personal referral is likely to put you in a position that the agent is more likely to seriously consider your proposals.
The next question is--how did you set up the meeting? Was it all about them doing business with you or did you set it up using another angle. What are other possible angles? It could be as simple as wanting to get advice from them or you finding out how you can help them do more business or meet their current challenges. Now that is a topic that agents will be more interested in--not what you want--but what they want.
Next week we will talk about what you might say in the meeting to ensure a better chance at getting a positive response to these promises. 
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