Ask the Expert: Getting referrals from realtors, part III

The last two weeks we have talked about how to get referral business from real estate agents. Now, industry expert Dave Hershman highlights what to say in the meetings you've landed.

By Dave Hershman

The final part of the answer to this question: I have had several meetings with real estate agents and they all promised me business, but they never refer anyone. I am following up with them diligently by email and by phone. Do you know what could be the problem?

Rachel from Missouri 

The first two weeks we discussed why the questioner may not be getting a positive response and how the meeting was set up. Today we will focus upon what to say in the meetings. Let's start with what not to say. Do not start with -- Are you willing to fire the loan officer you use now and start using me? This is a process which starts with building a relationship. You should have gone into the meeting with research you have done on line -- their website, Google, Linkedin, etc. During the process, there are relationship questions to ask--such as I see you went to _______ college--how did you wind up living in ____ area? Or I noticed that you worked for _____ before you got into real estate--what made you decide to make the move? 

From there you can work into business questions that will build trust such as -- You are a leader in the real estate market (flattery always helps) -- Why do you think you have become so successful? Where do the majority of your leads come from? What are the biggest challenges do you face right now? As they answer these questions, there will be opportunities which will open up--opportunities for example to partner with them on marketing projects. That is the key--find what they need and then propose a solution. Not the other way around. The formula is - Relationship, trust and then put yourself in position to become a partner.  Dave Hershman 

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