My Mortgage, Inc.

My Mortgage, Inc.

Headquarters: Crofton, MD
Year Founded: 2019
Number of Employees: 215

Eight years ago, workers from three separate companies collaborated to launch My Mortgage Inc. Most of them are still around since it’s a great place to work.

“My Mortgage Inc. believes that the foundation of a great workplace lies in a culture of trust, transparency, communication, and engagement of all employees,” says HR Manager Pamela Hardy. “My Mortgage Inc. constantly instills these characteristics in every employee, starting at the top with senior management. My Mortgage Inc. truly invests in each employee by challenging them with new skills and helping the employees grow professionally and monetarily.”

 In addition to a loan referral program and branch referral bonuses, the company offers 10 paid holidays, employer contributions to medical plans, and discretionary 401(k) matching.

 The company is 56% female and 26% Millennials.