Houtan Hormozian of Crestico, Inc. is part of this year's Mortgage Professional America Hot 100

Vice president

An experienced real estate agent, mortgage banker and vice president at Crestico, Houtan Hormozian provides first-class consulting service to clients with or without established financial acumen and develops solutions that help further their financial goals. As a veteran  of the industry, he has expanded his client base exclusively through referrals from satisfied clients, friends and associates, and demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage investment instruments in complex scenarios.

Hormozian is one of the top producers in the country, and was named a Five-Star Professional by Los Angeles Magazine in 2016 and recognized as a member of the 100 Million Dollar Club in 2014 and a member of MPA’s Hot 100 in 2015. He also serves as president of California Association of Mortgage Professionals’ North Los Angeles chapter.