Tony Carn, NextGen.Net (Australia)

Tony Carn, NextGen.Net (Australia)

Market: AU

Company: NextGen.Net

Job title: Chief Customer Officer

NextGen.Net is Australia’s leading technology solution provider to the lending industry, focused on delivering quality products and services to a range of banks, non-bank lenders and brokers. The company’s philosophy of continuous improvement delivers monthly releases of enhancements to cater to the evolving needs of its clients based on changing market conditions. Essentially, NextGen.Net is ‘future-proofing’ its customers’ loan processing capabilities so that they don’t need to worry about developing anything themselves. Most recently, NextGen.Net announced that it had integrated a new service into its ApplyOnline platform, which Carn has dubbed a “real game-changer”. He said: “The benefit is immense. Brokers will no longer need to source copies of identity documents, and lenders don’t need to validate them because they’ve been auto-validated within ApplyOnline. [As such,] customers gain a faster turnaround time.” NextGen.Net was awarded Best Industry Service at the 2019 Australian Mortgage Awards.