Tanya Sale, Outsource Financial (Australia)

Tanya Sale, Outsource Financial (Australia)

Market: AU

Company: Outsource Financial 

Job title: CEO 

Tanya Sale is the founder, CEO and managing director of multi-award winning national mortgage aggregator group, Outsource Financial. Feeling inhibited by the restraints of working for other people and with a desire to change the lending landscape in Australia, armed with a set of business models she had created over 12 years earlier, in 2010 Sale launched Outsource Financial. Initially, she held senior executive positions in third party banking prior to moving from the banks to the private sector where she accepted a role with national aggregator group, Lawfund, and eventually held the position of CEO. The group won many awards under her reign of five years. Sale moved on to accept a challenge from one of the largest independent wealth dealer groups (at that time) to build a national aggregation group from the ground up. With Sale as general manager within three years of its launch, Finconnect won Wholesale Aggregator/Originator of the Year in 2009 at the MFAA Awards.