Kevin Wheatley, Bayside Residential & Commercial Mortgages (Australia)

Kevin Wheatley, Bayside Residential & Commercial Mortgages (Australia)

Market: AU

Company: Bayside Residential & Commercial Mortgages

Job title: Director

Kevin Wheatley, who topped MPA’s 2019 Top 10 Commercial Brokers list, is the director of Sydney-based Bayside Residential and Commercial Mortgages, which is writing some big figures. Originally a logistician and working with projects like shipping port facilities, he found there was a high component of procurement and saw it as a natural step to start offering a finance service. And “the rest is history,” he says. Still providing logistics support globally, Wheatley writes deals for hotel construction, residential construction and commercial funding, putting financial structures together and raising the capital to ensure the structures are funded and completed. At one point he lived in Vietnam for four years as he put together financial structures for three major waste recycling stations, raising $200 million out of Singapore. The move from logistics into finance is one of the best decisions he’s ever made, he says. “I have never looked back and I have managed to maintain the same work effervescence today as I did when I made the conscious decision to move across.”