Ian Rakhit, Bankwest (Australia)

Ian Rakhit, Bankwest (Australia)

Market: AU

Company: Bankwest

Job title: General manager, third party banking

Ian Rakhit, Bankwest’s head of third party banking since November 2017, is an experienced senior sales leader, with proven deliverable skills across colleague, customer, compliance, cost and sales – in both inputs and outcomes. He has an extensive banking track record both in Australia and internationally. Prior to his current role, Rakhit joined Bankwest in 2007 and has had a go at several roles including: head of East Coast stores, retail,  head of specialist banking, head of broker sales and NSW state manager, broker, stores and lending. For six months in between – April 2015 to September 2015 – he joined Greenstone Financial Services as its head of sales. However, his longest stint thus far (22 years) has been at Halifax, where he started his career and left as head of sales operations. Rakhit prides himself for his ability to make tough business decisions on the front-line, and for investing time in mentoring others.