Eddy Cocciollo, Dominion Lending Centres (Canada)

Eddy Cocciollo, Dominion Lending Centres (Canada)

Market: CA

Company: Dominion Lending Centres

Job title: President

Eddy Cocciollo took over as Dominion Lending Centres’ (DLC) president earlier this year. With a career spanning 25 years, Cocciollo has spent time in both the broker channel and the banking world, which has given him a wealth of knowledge and experience he can apply to his new post at the top of one of Canada’s largest mortgage networks. Cocciollo started out at Canada Trust and then moved to CIBC as a mortgage specialist, where he learned mortgage brass tacks, including developing referral sources and finding clients. Soon after, Cocciollo moved on to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, where he learned copious amounts of inside information about the nation’s housing market. He became a mortgage broker in 2002 with AssuredMortgages, working strictly on a commission basis. Cocciollo next went to GE Money in 2005 before starting at CIBC to run First Line in the non-prime space. However, following the severity of the 2008 recession, the bank decided to withdraw from the space but offered him the role of president of Mortgage Centre Canada, where he stayed for the next 10 years.